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August 31 to September 4, 2006: Trip with Peter & Nicolette Mohr to the Trentino (North Italy)

Wednesday, August 30: after work we left at about 17:30 to drive to Irschenberg (between Munich and Salzburg). The weather was still appalling and it was raining so hard, that for a good part of the trip we had the window-wipers on high. Still we made it to the Kramerwirt in Irschenberg at about 21:50 and I joined the group  at about 10 pm. Iris was tired and went to bed. I stayed up with the folks and live music until about 1 am. Started to meet some of the people: Mr. AMG/Carlsson/Sparco/Puma/Supersprint Peter Mohr, his wife Nicolette, their dog Jerry, and a good part of our SLK group.


Thursday August 31: We left the Kramerwirt and drove via Kufstein to the Brenner using the old national road as of Mutters. In Brennero we met a couple of more teams and a couple more in the Sachsenklemme, where we ate lunch.

around 4 pm we arrived at the hotel in Fai della Paganella:

Friday September 1: We left the Albergo Miravalle at 9 am and drove via Andalo and Moveno (the Passo della Morte) down to Ponte Arche, then to Mori and into the Passo de Monte Baldo. A fantastic tour!!!! Lunch was in Bardolino on lake Garda, then back to the hotel along the shore of lake Garda and San Lorenzo in Banale


Saturday September 2: Today was Dolomiti-day. A fantastic roundtrip via Ora to the Passo di San Pellegrino, Passo di Rolle  and Passo di Gobbera. As we tried to go over the Passo del Broccon, we got stuck: The pass was closed, requiring us to make a big detour direction Venice first, before we could return towards Trento. Later Peter found out, that the reason for the closure was a truck who got stuck in a tunnel. The pass had been closed for days while the authorities were still trying to get it out without making the tunnel collapse.......

Sunday September 3: This was a quiet day with a short trip to the Lago Rosso (Lago di Tovel), then via the Passo Mendola back to the hotel

Monday September 4: That was our traveling back day. Norman/Sabine and we traveled together via the Timmelsjoch and Hahntennjoch to Frankfurt.




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